Wedge-tailed Writers

The group began in January 2013. We hold meetings on the second Thursday evening of each month; 7:30pm at the Gordon Hall (varies at different times especially winter).
The members vary in age and experience and share all types of writing including short stories and poems to indepth novels and family histories.
At each meeting we share upcoming events around our area and any competitions too. We also have monthly topics to encourage members to get writing and individuals may present this at a meeting. Whatever writing project you are currently working on you are more than welcome to share with the group; whether it be for ideas or to request a critique.
New members are always welcome to attend (an email to confirm location for the upcoming month is best).

The group is over a year old and we encourage writers to share their writing in a warm and friendly atmosphere. There is no cost to participants and we are always open to new members.
'Keep Writing!'
Phone number: 5368 9199 or 0425 747 477
Email address:


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