Terry McKenna Woodblock Prints

Australian born, long time overseas resident in New Zealand and Japan, now returned to Victoria.

McKenna has held multiple solo and group exhibitions in New Zealand, Australia and Japan. His work was recently exhibited in international exhibitions of Mokuhanga (Japanese Printmaking technique) in New York, Kyoto and Tokyo.

“I enjoy the marriage of art and craftsmanship in the woodblock printing process, and also the high degree of technical accomplishment required. My work is entirely hand produced with care and attention to materials, processes and the final result using the traditional Japanese printing process. I enjoy experimenting with new ideas, subjects and techniques. You will find a lot of variety in my work.”

Print artist using traditional and contemporary Japanese printmaking processes. Certified teacher of Japanese printmaking technique, available for students or workshops.
"I want my work to amaze you and reveal to you my view of the world and of human life..."
Email address: terry@egaku.com.au


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