Susan Nethercote

I am a creative professional who has been studying, teaching and earning my living with creativity in one form or another for my entire life. This deep passion has led me to postgraduate studies and teaching roles in Art History at the University of Melbourne, to studying the Technology of Creating with William Whitecloud International, to my own design and art practice.

Since 2000, I have run my successful Australian clothing label Manque Design. Since 2013 I have coached and workshopped creatives of all kinds in Holistic Business Creation and Operation in my consulting business Creative Conversation. In 2014 I picked up a paint brush again and a flourishing professional art practice has also been born.

I am an artist, owner and designer of a beloved Australian clothing label and business consultant to creatives.
My art expresses impressions of both abstract and realistic worlds. It is an attempt to capture the personal atmosphere of inner whispers, spiritual experience and the magic of nature.

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Postal address: PO Box 322, Black Hill, Victoria, 3350
Phone number: 0438843096
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