stephany panhuysen

My art is what I generally refer to as mindscapes.  I have been drawing ever since I can remember; in the margins of texts, inside covers of books, on scraps of paper; anywhere and any surface that presented me with the space to do so.  I kept these in shoe boxes under the bed, on top of cupboards, etc. Much later, I graduated to mounting and framing my art.  And so it it went.

My work was often thematic of varying states of minds, of people’s dislocations and misplacement; of being rootless, of alienation and of strangeness.  Distilling such experiences through whimsical portrayals  reflecting those states of being; I frequently cast these in a context of pretty colours and scenes so as to tempt the viewer to come closer so as to contemplate these predicaments and dilemmas, rather than to be repelled by them and possibly eschew and avoid that which could be uncomfortable.

My art is constantly evolving.  The work I did 10 years ago bears little resemblance to my current images, however the essence remains the same.  I work with mixed mediums: water colour; ink; pastels acrylics and collage.

In the present time, I like to do abstractions and these are still inspired by similar human foibles.

Having personally experienced migrations, re-locations, and all that entails, I empathise greatly with people cut adrift from their familiars; orphaned in strange lands with new cultures to adjust to, because sadly; STILL, THE BEAT GOES ON!

the ends of things are present in their beginnings
to be got later

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