Red Hand Studio Gallery

Lesley is…a wife to Bill, mother of two, step-mother to four and Nanny to eighteen. I am a gardener, a writer,a genealogist, a cyclist and a painter. I was a slow mover and it was fifty years before I discovered I needed to pick up a paint brush. My first paint brush should have been a two-inch wide brush liberally slathered in acrylic paint. Instead it was a china painting brush of minute proportions. Bill and I have roamed the world on aid projects in third world countries. Recreating these adventures in paint is selfish as I can have my adventure twice over.

Bill is….. a retired engineer. He is pragmatic and deals with accuracy. Bill’s woodworking from old timbers into practical and beautiful form is testament to both his skill and his patience.

Lesley and Bill Hunter share studio space with canvas, colour and chaos. Lesley paints with passion and Bill creates form from recycled timbers
Canvas, colour and chaos


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