Niki Lakerink

Niki Lakerink is an emerging Ballarat artist exploring the bounds of sustainability and art producing fashion, accessories, furniture, installations and more.

Utilising renewable resources and found objects to create, Niki has been involved in exhibitions, run way shows, performance art and street art.

Niki’s label Sputnik & Mayhem is currently being stocked at two of Ballarat’s Gorgeous galleries, Pumpkin and Sparrow and Wolveschildren Art Space.

Having recently wrapped up the wonderfully successful Refashion show Niki is currently working on a number of installation projects/public art and future exhibitions.

Upcycler-with flair for fashion, jewellery and furniture, artist, and writer.
"Non-comformity is the only real passion worth being ruled by." Julian Assange
Phone number: 0432 118 913
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