Moonambel Arts and History Group

MAHG Philosophy…


  • Encourage people with artistic leanings to fully explore their abilities.
  • Enrich the lives of the people within the community by engaging them in art and crafts.
  • Provide occasions for social interactions e.g. exhibitions, workshops.
  • Inform people in an accessable way of the history of their own community, giving a strong sense of place.
  • Improve the environment in which we live by enhancing it with art and history related murals and sculptures.
  • Develop and maintain the Moonambel heritage¬† precinct.
  • Support projects e.g. performance of drama, music, history projects.
We aim to encourage people with artistic learnings to fully explore their abilities and enrich the lives of people in the community through exhibitions and workshops

Contact Details

Postal address: Secretary, 42 Walter's Lane, Warrenmang, 3478
Phone number: 5467 2353
Email address:


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Moonambel Arts & History Group

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