Matt Malone

Matt Malone is a poet/singer/songwriter whose work is unique in its union of the traditional with the avant-garde. He works with the basic elements of guitar, vocal, & spirit.
Matt Malone live in The Old Ballaarat Gaol for Arts Atlas

His work though deeply entrenched in the traditional modes of classic song, is coupled with modern experimental notions of drone, repetition, & dissonance. Some of Matt’s influences include Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Jim Morrison, Hank Williams and Swans, these artists make an indelible impression upon his lyrics & music.
Matt Malone Interview on Soundcloud

Malone’s debut EP entitled ‘The Fool’ (drawn from influences of the Tarot & occultism), is a solid statement of a young songwriter writing early mature work. Matt’s music features songs with song titles like “The Crawling King Snake’ and “Maldoror Cowboy Song’. Is it country, is it indy, are they ballads? You are taken on a journey during his performances, and his live shows are well attended and enthusiastically received in Ballarat.  Matt has been touring extensively around the country, considering moving to outer Melbourne and is currently working on a book.
Matt Malone live at The Courthouse Theatre, SMB

Matt Malone met Rex Hardware in The Old Ballaarat Gaol, recorded a song and talked about his music