Martin Hale

Inspired by the natural and built elements of the world around him, Martin explores both artistically using his spatial background as a prism to view themes and topics that surround and link them.

You may well ask what does spatial mean?

Trained as a licensed land surveyor, surveying and mapping has disciplined Martin’s observation and depiction of land forms and their spatial relationship to human activity such as urban development.  Martin was employed in the spatial sciences from the 70’s until 2010.  The interaction between humans and land, their impact one upon the other, often feature in or influence his art work.

Formal spatial representations such as maps and cartographic symbols, their interpretation and use, are sometimes a mystery to many people.  At a technical level Martin seeks to evolve a visual language linking aspects of the real world with spatial counterparts allowing a deeper understanding of both – regardless of the viewer’s background or training.

Martin uses this visual spatial language to explore the interface between the real world and the representational world, and in particular what a spatial perspective at the interface between those worlds can reveal such as the intangible essence of timeless beauty embedded in land-forms.

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Martin Hale is a visual artist and a member of the Professional Practice Art Group of the South Street Art Studio, Ballarat.
"Art is science made clear" - Wilson Mizner
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