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Mason is an all rounder artist, his work is out there.

He was featured on 774 ABC Melbourne on the 10th – 10th – 2017: “by Simon Leo Brown, on “Afternoons with Clare Bowditch”, Excerpts of his Symphony No. 1 in C Major (Psyche): From Psychosis to Symphony. Also the second movement of his “Symphony No. 2 (Asters in the Wind)”.

Mason has a strong background in current arts aesthetics and this is not merely in the visual arts but in music, composing acting and performing. He graduated from the Australian Boys Choral Institute in 1992, his boyhood voice being a First Alto, became a Light Baritone in his early adulthood. Mason won “Most Promising Performer” with his own composed songs when he was sixteen in the Mortlake Buskers Festival in 1996. At age seventeen he went to study his other passion at the artist run school of art: “Geelong Fine Art School. At the same time Mason was studying music under the late Mrs Margaret Gleeson. A year after Mason was accepted into the Melba Memorial Conservatorium of Music. Where for two years he was schooled in Choral Music, Music Theory, Guitar Studies, Vocal Craft, Music Craft, Music History and majored in Voice.
Musically, Mason has been composing music since his early teens. He has written for the Geelong Art Gallery “Words at the Gallery” and its co-exhibition “Lake Gnotuk a Layered History. In which he wrote in a sonnet style words and composition from his reaction to an artwork in the show. He has also written for Geelong Fine art school “Concepts of Beauty”: “For the Beauty or the Ugly”; based on the eight degrees of the musical scale and love, passion, the good and the bad. Then he turned his attention to a new work now expanded largely from the original performance:”The Acclimatiser’s Toast” was invited by the Curatorial Manager Trudy Toyne of Barwon Park Mansion, Winchelsea, in 2007, for Mason to write a piece of music now turned into a cantata/vocal concert about the “Austin Family” and the “150 Years of the Rabbit Festival”, the introduction of our now feral rabbit problem and the way that it shares its interest with the Acclimatisation Society Story beginning officially in 1867.

Artistically, Mason is primarily a drawer, having majored in the subject at the Victorian College of the Arts. He has the “Stella Dilger Encouragement Award”, for his drawings. Since his graduation in 2004, Mason has exhibited in the “International Polish Drawing Biennale”, awarded an Honorable Mention. His first solo show was at Karringallery in Geelong “Extraction to Extrapolation” in February 2010 It was his journey in art up to the discovery of extrapolative installation and extractive drawings around his note-taking ¬†from the passing of imagery while on train, car and bus journeys. Mason had an installation in the “Geelong Regional Artists Exhibition”, Mid 2010, placed among two landscape extractions. Also being a major exhibitor in The National Wool Museum “2010 Journey Festival, Scarf Show”, showing drawings made from his Winchelsea to Geelong journeys now using coloured stationary pens felt tips and laundry markers. Mason also exhibits in small town regional art shows, and celebrates a history of friendships and the delight people get from his work, and the work of other artists too.
Mason exhibited in a group show “Interface” at Backspace Gallery, Ballarat, in September to October 2016.

If you would like to see Mason play guitar and sing, and more about Mason’s art and composition visit him on the “lakebank on facebook: link:

Mason has images on Google. Search Mason Chamberlin in Google Web Albums.

Artist and Composer Tutor and Teacher of Art and Music

Q. Do I die for my art? A. Yes, unwillingly

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