Bay Views. Acrylic 40cm x 50cm

The Red Centre. Acrylic

john canham

John D. Canham.

I was born in London in 1949 and immigrated  with our family to Melbourne Australia in 1974.

We moved to Ballarat and joined the Ballarat Society of Artists in 2007 after retirement from 35 years in the building industry.

I am self-taught in the use of all mediums but continually learning from my own experimentation and from other artists.  I drew from the age of 3 and at the age of 6, had my first picture entered into a local exhibition. I had a natural talent that sadly in 1955 was not seen by teachers as being very important. Twenty years ago, during a holiday in the UK, I was inspired to start painting again by my brother Ray, a professional artist in Norfolk England.

I enjoy and appreciate all forms of Art. My subject matter is varied as I look for beauty, interest and artistic effect in all things. Light, line, colour in realism and abstract form, all interest me.

My aim in art is to always enjoy the doing of it, enjoy the sharing of it and encourage everyone to appreciate it and perhaps own a part of it.


A member of the Ballarat Society of Artists
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