International correspondence and musician,art and designer in the arts.

I have had extensive experience researching and working while applying my knowledge and creativiness in music , fine arts and design.

Working in New York City on projects from 1990 to 2000 and establishing on behalf of international artists and designers,their projects and my own also.I have continued  in the arts which has also given me much insight to continue working in this field.I have worked alongside sculptors,designers from Rio De Janeiro,Paris and travelled on behalf of artists and designers from Middle Eastern countries also.

My plans are to pursue and continue working with detailing my skills in these areas and help others to work as a team to achieve very successful closures and outlets benefiting the community and creating a more functional,aesthetically pleasing environment with the insight of skills I’ve attained through my studies also.I find the arts and creative media also such as music a high impacting and enhancing field to benefit all ages and cultures which I embrace.


Brief statement here.To impact the arts through music and the art industry and provide a positive outlet for inspiration in visual and focus in a living outlook.

Contact Details

Postal address: P.O Box 474 Ballarat Victoria 3353
Phone number: 0451070214
Email address:


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