Gordon Monro

Gordon Monro describes himself as a generative artist: he designs a process that then generates the artwork, either autonomously or in collaboration with a human. In Gordon’s case, the generating system is a computer program and the artwork is made in a digital medium: digital prints and videos, or a display generated in real time by the computer.

Gordon draws on his background in science and mathematics to make works that in large part draw their inspiration from realms outside the confines of purely human concerns. His primary sources are geometry and pure mathematics, the natural world as seen by modern science, and the new world of artificial intelligence and autonomous computing devices. Gordon also draws on the history of Western abstract art, in particular constructivist art and minimalist art.

Gordon is a digital artist who writes computer programs that generate artworks in the form of prints, videos and installations.
In generative art, the artist makes the system: the system makes the art.


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