Dan Rolls

Dan Rolls is one of the hardest working musicians in Victoria having played extensively around Vic and interstate with his brand of fast strumming ballads on his 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars.

He is must see unique Australian artist, his voice shines through with a sound that draws imagination out of the listener.

World Folk, Alternative even Pop are all genres Dan’s music fits into. The energy his music creates manages to bridge a divided audience with both practising musicians and untrained music lovers easily becoming enraptured with the subtle beauty of his work.

A live Dan Rolls show consists of Dan on vocals, 12string guitar and trumpet joined by the fabulous Gez Clancy on African drums.
** COMING SOON – a live performance and audio interview right here for Arts Atlas

Dan has released a professionally recorded debut album in March 2012,  played a month long residency at The Palais in Hepburn Springs and played at iconic Melb venues the Espy, Revolver and the Thornbury Theatre. In just six months last year, Dan played more than 70 gigs all across Vic.

Dan has released a debut LP “Forever Hunted” recorded between August 2011-March 2012.

During the recording process he has managed to capture his raw-live performance as well as layering extra sounds to produce unique studio tracks.

First single “Forever Hunted” has been getting airplay on over 20 radio stations including ABC, Triple R, PBS

Dan Rolls Ballarat musician