Dan Bolwell Penny Farthing Builder (pennyfarthingdan.com.au)

Dan has been building Penny Farthings since 2005 for himself, family and friends. Late in 2013 after not finding the passion he was looking for in the workplace decided to get serious about building more. It derives from a need to follow his passion, individual skill and ultimate dream and to spread the enjoyment he has found from these beautiful bikes.

His customers are all over and from all walks of life, everyone is interesting and amazing in their own right. It seems that it takes a wonderful and special kind of person to want to own such a great machine.

Dan builds the entire bike by hand like they were built in 1880, while using modern materials for strength and reliability. With every component built with fine detail.

If you want to discuss this further don’t hesitate to call Dan 0417565091

I build Penny Farthing Bicycles to order any style, colour and design you like. They aren't just a bike but a piece of art.
A Penny Farthing isn't just a piece of metal but a journey through life and a piece of fine art.
Phone number: 0417565091
Email address: dan1870pf@gmail.com


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