Christine Polowyj

I am a contemporary painter living in Lyonville, Victoria. Currently I am working with oils but spent many years using acrylics. I am represented by Anthea Polson Art in Southport, Queensland. I am also a freelance graphic designer. Current career highlights include being commissioned by the Hepburn Springs Swiss Italian Festa to paint the Festa image for 2012 as well as designing all the marketing collateral. I will be having a small exhibition of my work as part of the Festa calendar of events. I will also be having a solo show at Anthea Polson Art in November 2012. I have recently returned to painting after becoming a mum for the first time in 2010.

Artist Statement:
The depths and highs of human emotion, uncomfortable situations and challenging human behaviours inspire me in embracing the awkward, the difficult, the strange, the vibrant and the irrational. Reflexively, this goes some way to accepting the self and becomes the main motivation for communicating such emotional display/acceptance on canvas.

If an artwork can inspire a viewer to contemplate challenging aspects of their own inner lives, the purpose of each work is further fulfilled.

Painting is the positive outcome in my adult life of a difficult adolescence. The eventual suicide by my mother was the catalyst for self-examination to healthily accept such a deep loss and desire to continue my interest in art on my own terms. The idea of formal art study felt too overwhelming; I was more comfortable developing my art in tandem with the deeper understanding borne from experience and a lateral approach to practicing art and life.