Cass Anderson - Ballarat Musician

Cass Anderson

Cass was born and grew up in Geelong, with short stints with her family in Canada and the U.S. She attended the University of Melbourne and Deakin University, studying Fine Arts, Aesthetics, Philosophy and Performing Arts. After several years working as a freelance playwright and theatre director, Cass started working in Geelong as a performing arts instructor at Corilong Inc. Cass’ first son Kit, ( who created the animation for featured you tube clip Dumber Every day), was born in 1988.
Interview with Cass Anderson on Soundcloud
Cass was the founding Artistic Director of Back to Back Theatre in Geelong, a touring company employing people both with and without an intellectual disability. Back to Back Theatre has grown to become an internationally acclaimed theatre company, touring extensively throughout Europe, the U.S and Australia. After leaving Back to Back Theatre, Cass became a theatre worker at Footscray Community Arts centre, before moving to Hepburn Springs to have her second child Max in 1993. In 1996 Cass began work at the  Ballarat School of Mines and Industries, (now University of Ballarat). During her 15 years at the University, Cass worked in various capacities including Program Manager Performing Arts, teacher, and Head of Program – Visual and Performing Arts. During this time, Cass was involved in the creation and touring of over 20 plays, including Trembling, The Seven Ravens, Sick!, John and the Giant, as well as programs of work created for Ballarat Fine Art gallery, Sovereign Hill, and cabaret events such as Animal Lounge.
Cass Anderson live in The Art Gallery of Ballarat for Arts Atlas
Cass began writing songs 25 years ago, but it has been the last ten years that have seen the greatest output of material. Her songs tell stories that explore the human condition, and her material is gathered from her own experiences, and those of the people  with whom she comes in contact.In 2011, having left the University of Ballarat and with sons Kit and Max pretty much ‘cooked’! Cass was able to find the time to hone her songs lyrically and musically to a point where she was happy to perform and record them. As well as wanting to continue performing as a solo performer with piano, Cass is now teaching herself guitar, in the hope of forming a duo or band with which to perform, record  and tour.

Rex Hardware met Cass Anderson, took some photos, recorded a song in The Oddie Room at The Art Gallery of Ballarat and asked her about her music...