Ballarat Choral Society Inc.

Introducing the Ballarat Choral Society


The Ballarat Choral Society is a group of dedicated singers who perform three concerts a year including an end of year performance with the Ballarat Symphony Orchestra.


From the early 1900’s, newspaper articles have recorded details of the choir’s performances. It is continuing to perform a variety of material to entertain Ballarat audiences, with a few concerts being held at other townships such as Ararat and Horsham. The society is always seeking to attract singers and would especially love to encourage young, Ballarat musicians to join in either a vocal or accompaniment capacity.

History of the Choir:

Documents have been discovered from 1906, detailing   the Ballarat Choral Society, and  Ballarat Choral Union’s successes in the South Street Eisteddfod and other competitions around the country, . However, there are scant records of performances through the 1930′s. Those for which records could be found include J.Steiner’s “The Crucifixion”, “Messiah” and various mixed concerts.

From 1951 records show the Ballarat Choral Society emerging in earnest and performing “Messiah” every year along with the occasional larger works “Elijah” or ” Merrie England.” Mixed concerts were also popular.

The Choir in 2016:

Today the Ballarat Choral Society is a diverse enthusiastic mixed choir dedicated to enjoying and performing a wide range of music under the expert tuition of musical director Helen Duggan.  The choir perform three concerts a year, usually in May, July/August, and November.  This concert usually features a longer work which is presented in the Wendouree Performing Arts Theatre and represents a celebration of the expertise and work of both organisations.To perform with the orchestra, is a wonderful, treasured life experience and we are truly honoured to do so.

The first concert each year is generally either a concert of songs or a performance of a shorter complete work, with other complementary music, performed at various venues around Ballarat. This year, 2103, the choir performed Out Of the Archives on May 12th at St John’s Anglican Church as part of Ballarat Heritage weekend. The concert included a selection of music that had been sung by the Choral Society over the last 50 years. It included pieces such as Deutsche Messe, Invitation to the Dance, Russian boat song, Moonlight and Steal Away to Jesus.

The Mid-Year Concert is generally a fundraiser: a worthy cause is identified each year. This year’s event, held at the Mid-City Function room on August 3, 2013, will raise funds for the Ballarat Symphony Orchestra.

In November 2013, Ballarat Choral Society along with the Ballarat Symphony Orchestra and the Gisborne Singers will perform Mendelssohn’s “Elijah” at both Ballarat and Woodend. The society always welcomes any new enthusiastic singers who would like to come and join a very friendly group who love the challenge of learning and singing beautiful music, so come along to practice nights…

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Ballarat Choral Society are a group of dedicated singers who perform three concerts a year including an end of year performance with Ballarat Symphony Orchestra. From the early 1900's the society has been mentioned in newspapers and is continuing to perform.