Andrew Hetherington

Andrew Hetherington is a fifty-four year old songwriter from Skipton, Australia. After having played guitar and bass in bands for the past 15 years, he decided in 2017 to become a songwriter like his influences David Bowie, Bono and The Edge, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Thanks to his talent for writing songs with a very strong melody that connect with audiences with the very first listen, his songs have been receiving a lot of praise in local circles.

A songwriter of instinct, Andrew has a flair for writing songs that leave the listener moved by the raw emotion in them. Although his roots are firmly placed in mainstream rock, he draws inspiration from many different lyrical and musical influences. “My style is eclectic..I can write a rock song today, and next a beautiful instrumental melody will come out of me, and I’ll be wondering..where did that come from?”. He has written the lyrics and music for 20 songs and has professionally recorded his song ‘Spirits Fly’, which has been widely promoted. He has collaborated with other artists in the production of his recordings including Australian singer Snez, American vocalist Sammy Pawlak and Canadian guitarist Paul Kinman.

Music is not a new passion for Andrew however: after playing the guitar from the age of 12: “I used to play along with the radio or cassette player pretending that I was famous, he says jokingly. But it wasn’t until after playing in local pub bands for over a decade that he decided to take his musical career more seriously. He is currently playing bass for Ballarat cover band Ice Embers, they have released an EP of cover songs sold through iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. Although for most of his adult life he has held different jobs, music, truth be told, was never far from his mind. “I always knew it was a matter of time until I started to write my own songs, I can be driving my car or lying in bed when the lyrics or music suddenly pops into my head out of nowhere“.

Now back to Skipton, a peaceful country town in Victoria’s western district full of sheep and canola crops, Andrew is sharing his time between enjoying the peaceful lifestyle and spending plenty of time in his studio where he writes material he hopes to pitch to publishing companies in the near future. Based on the reception of his latest compositions, the future looks promising!

Andrew is an amateur musician, songwriter and composer.

Sprits Fly (feat. Snez) [Indie]

Scream (feat. Sammy Pawlak) [Indie]

Space Walk [instrumental]

Rainy Days [Instrumental]

Take Me Away (feat. Eleanor Forte) [Contemporary Christian]

Fame and fortune is not to be desired. Make music because you love it!


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