Sean McKenna, The Stored Image

Sean Benedict McKenna is passionate documentary photographer whose specialty is exploring the lives of raretradesfolk, of animalcaringfolk and of country life. He lives in Wallan, in country Victoria.

The stories Sean tells can be in the form of a single portrait, or involve creating an extended photo survey of a trade, business, organisation, or group. He might work with you for a few days or many months, whatever is appropriate to the story.

The tools, people, environment, feel and depth of your rare trade, your animal husbandry, or your country life are beautifully captured in his work. Sean takes time to sit, listen, question, marvel and experience your special gifts, and reveal them in images that capture the moment, and the imagination.

If you wish to discuss a possible project with Sean, please contact him on 0411 145 974, or via his website, at

He would love to hear from you.

Sean Benedict McKenna is a documentary photographer with a special interest in Rare Trades.
Sean takes time to ... experience your special gifts, and reveal them in images.
Phone number: 0411 145 974


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