Tegan Crosbie

By day a secondary school art teacher and by night a sneaky artist!

“It has been years since I have got my hands dirty and made my own art for real. But when forced into isolation due to our friend Miss Covid, I found myself with time on my hands to create and so this side hustle began!

Natures unique and quirky beauty has inspired my collection of botanical pieces along with my perpetual love of colour.

I paint because I enjoy it, I find it therapeutic and restorative. The fact that others enjoy my work is a wonderful bonus. The thought of you hanging a piece of my art on you wall is both humbling and a great honor. 

My pledge is to make affordable pretty things to adorn your walls, to brighten your space and make your house a home.”

Hello there, I'm Tegan Crosbie a painter based in the beautiful goldfields town of Ballarat, Victoria.
Original art and fine art prints inspired by native Australian flora and a love of colour.

Contact Details

Postal address: The Workshoppery, 25-39 Barkly Square
Phone number: 0428 250 583
Email address: tegan.crosbie@gmail.com