Tahlia Stanton

Nationally acclaimed award-winning artist Tahlia Stanton’s artwork can be found in private collections across the globe. Tahlia’s ambition and predisposition for art surfaced at very young age. Determined to pursue a career in the arts, she dedicated her youth to honing her skills in painting and her efforts were rewarded as she received a Visual Art scholarship to Ballarat Clarendon College.

Tahlia graduated from the Milan Art Institute, where she was classically trained in the skill of oil painting and mentored by world-renowned artists Elli and Dimitra Milan.

Her work is often described at abstract realism and her intrepid process pushes the boundaries of contemporary art practices. Seeking authenticity and the freedom to discover a road less travelled, Tahlia is challenging prescribed norms of how artists connect with collectors.

Tahlia’s studio is prolific and year-round in the picturesque state of Victoria.With a passion for art and a zest for life, Tahlia is a trailblazing young artist set to take the art world by storm.

“Self-discovery, authenticity and the limitless nature of our lives is the driving force behind my work. I want the viewer to discover their passion and be daring in the pursuit of their most authentic selves. I treat painting as an adventure. I take unexpected turns, embrace surprises and love bold expressions in my work. To me, the journey of creating an artwork is the most rewarding, fulfilling and limitless experience imaginable.”
“My work is about how unique you are, celebrating your individuality and freeing your true nature. Embracing your monumental uniqueness and living unapologetically is my challenge to you.”
Email address: tahliastantonart@gmail.com


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