Sylvia Nevistic

Sylvia Nevistic is a jeweller, object maker and educator whose work is inspired by nature, referencing shape, pattern, colour and less tangible aspects such as an expressive connection to the natural world in her work. She makes small-scale objects and jewellery primarily for private sale and exhibition. Sylvia enjoys making varied commissions from personal jewellery pieces to sculptural functional and non-functional objects. Drop her a line if you would like to chat about a commission

Sylvia is a formally trained teacher and believes MAKING can improve learning outcomes in both adults and children. She has facilitated arts workshops both privately and at the Art Gallery of Ballarat and has begun writing instructional e-books related to the mediums she uses in her practice.

To find out more about Sylvia visit her website here.

Maker and Educator
“There is a religion in everything around us - a calm and holy religion in the un-breathing things of nature, which man would do well to imitate.” - J. Ruskin
Phone number: 0416 021 664
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