Sharon Gibbs

Sharon Gibbs

Growing up as a child and living much of my early life in the outback regions of Australia, encouraged me to develop a love of nature, which lead to a desire to express this through various art mediums.

I love photography and thoroughly enjoy creating art from many of the photos I have taken. I have painted in oils, acrylics and more recently in watercolours.

I enjoy a challenge and consequently try my hand at different styles of paintings. This allows me more artistic flexibility, within a variety of mediums.

I am self-taught and started painting after receiving a paint set when I was in my early years at school. I was the one doing the illustrations instead of the essays.

I still very much enjoy painting today.

I found it rewarding to join the Ballarat Society of Artists in 2012 and then to go to my very first workshop. I am always learning new skills and found this very exciting and rewarding to see how fellow artists express and create their own work.

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Sharon is a visual artist
It's so much fun to create art


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