Senior Swans with Kathleen Curwen-Walker L.I.S.T.D.

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Did you dance in your youth? Do you remember that feeling of standing at the barre, expressing your heart through dance? Here in our safe, inclusive and non-competitive adult ballet studio environment, you will re-discover those joys with like-minded peers and reignite your love for ballet!

Ballet for adults is a growing worldwide trend. Many of my Academy’s Senior Swans are in their 60s and 70s and there is usually an 81-year-old at the barre!

Senior Swans classes are relaxed, but focused. Numerous studies show that dance, including ballet, is good for the brain. That it provides an excellent antidote to age-related cognitive decline, not to mention the enhanced sense of wellness derived from improved  mobility, balance, poise and socialization.

Kathleen Curwen-Walker L.I.S.T.D. introduced Senior Swans Ballet classes to DFLA , Auckland New Zealand in 2016, with one class quickly growing to four. Participants comprise both total beginners and those returning to dance they perhaps once enjoyed in their youth. Some of the Senior Swans have even gone through ballet exams, with good results. There are plenty of opportunities provided to perform to an audience if desired!

Senior Swans Ballet classes are now available in Ballarat at the old Sacred Heart Convent on 145 Victoria Street, Ballarat. Classes follow the structure of a traditional Ballet class. The main adaptation is that there are no jumps (or very modified ones) to protect the joints. Neither do we offer pointe work….but who wants to go through that pain in our senior years anyway! Those are the only things that are out of bounds. Classes incorporate stretching & creative movement as well as formal ballet training to produce a holistic experience that invigorates, calms, challenges and satisfies. And then there’s always the lure of the local café to socialize at afterwards!

Senior Swans Ballet: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday.


We have options for everyone, from complete beginners to advanced. Senior Swans, Ballet, Jazz/Musical Theatre, BarreFit, Conditioning, Pirouettes, Neo-Classical, and Pre Pointe.
It’s Never Too Late to join our over 55’s Senior Swans dance classes

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