Robyn Ormsby

I am an artist who has a disability and sole parent,  and takes care of a loved one that also has a disability. I lived in Ballarat  for more than sixteen years.

I come to Ballarat as a Female in an abusive relationship nothing more than my self and son.

Once I did not wont to live in this world I now see more than pain and darkness, yes my days are still hard and troubled but not so black as I saw it once.

Wendouree West Exodus  has changed my life and more than that excepted me ; I am with Arthur that helps encourage me to practice fine art and is for people with a disability.

Fine art works mixed Medium
ts all about dealing with where I live and what happens plays part in my art. Looking at things in detail, using my eyes and feeling that are my own how about the Grampians region area. I can get lots of idea’s and inspiration from local surroundings that I am interested in.


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