How to Guides for Small Hall

‘Small Halls Big Ideas’ was one of the VicHealth’s funded LEAP (Localities Enhancing Arts Participation) projects, that took place in the Hepburn shire in 2012.  The project focused on working with communities of less than 500 in rural areas, where of the key community infrastructure is their Hall. Bringing together arts participation, auditing, prioritisation, co-promotions and events delivery… ‘Small Halls Big Ideas’ created a pathway for communities to navigate increasing participation, economic return and community capacity to enjoy increased local activities and events for community health and wellbeing.


‘Small Halls Big Ideas’ engaged Halls in Glenlyon, Lyonville, Dean and Mollongghip in the Hepburn Shire Council.

The four halls, now include Learmonth Hall in their posse, have established a small halls network group that meets together regularly to share planning, ideas and resources.


Another key outcome from the project was the development of series of resource guides that were created from the experience and lessons learnt through the Small Halls Project.

The project was facilitated by the Hepburn Shire Council. These resource guides are found below.


Building your local audience

Creating Local Industry Networks for your Hall

Events Co-Promotions Campaign

Halls Booking System

Increasing the Profile of your Hall in the Arts

Lighting Equipment Sharing