Polly Provincial

Polly Provincial began as a blog profiling rustic lifestyles designed by Southern Australians. In other words, the visible lifestyle choices of ‘real people’ – regional creatives, makers, innovators and escapees from the big cities: tree-changers, sea-changers as well as born’n’bred country folk who care about what their environment looks like, how it relates to self-expression and what it means for quality of life.

We profiled the renovation, restoration, reinvention and decorative stories of various creatives. We even profiled ruins and abandoned farm buildings. Polly Provincial defines Southern Australia as Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, but hey, we’re open to all who like what we do.

These days the blog ticks along with the occasional stories on local produce and landscapes.

Country lifestyles designed by Southern Australians @ www.pollyprovincial.com
Polly Provincial is an independent country 'lifestyle by design' blog brought to you by The Editorial Suite.

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Postal address: P.O. Box i5, Learmonth, VIC, 3352
Phone number: 0467 959 955
Email address: ailsa@theeditorialsuite.com


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Polly Provincial
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