Paige Duggan visual artist

Paige completed a Bachelor of Visual (Fine) art at the University of Ballarat in 2006. She has explored various mediums with proficiency over the years and considers herself to be a painter, ceramist and photographer but in more recent times has focussed on her drawing. Paige utilises the contrast of Black and white in her drawings and tends to move towards two contrasting themes: 1) those of highly detailed explorations of the human face or 2) dream-like, whimsical depictions which encompass elements of her henna work and illustrative symbolism. Hence her last exhibition (2011) being titled ‘Truth and Tales’. Paige has completed many commissioned works, particularly family portraits, logos and designs, ‘Sweet Mona’s and Friend’s album artwork, comics and she hopes to exhibit again in the region soon.

Personal, commissions and community art facilitator