PYRENEES ART EXHIBITION Photography Competition

What is on offer?

Welcome Artists and thank you for supporting the Pyrenees Art Exhibition. Special welcome to all new artists this year, and all junior artists. As always, we wish everyone success, both in prizes and painting sales.

Artists may visit the Exhibition, free of charge, from 1PM on Monday, 10 June, prior to collecting your paintings.

Advise the staff on duty when you arrive that you are an exhibiting artist.

Those who leave their art work for collection at the Beaufort Resource Centre, lease note that you only have Mi>two weeks to collect your works after the exhibition. (See item 9 of the Conditions of Entry)

Details of the Official Opening on Friday, 7 June and Exhibition opening hours, are available on our new Website at

1. There are two sections that each age group can enter, “Free Composition” and the yearly “Theme.”
Each entrant can enter up to three photos in each section, making a total of up to six per person.
2. All entries must have been photographed by the entrant but can be printed at home or commercially.
3. Photographs, any size up to A4 or 8” x 12”, must be mounted on card.
4. Entries must have exhibit label attached to the back, and show the same details as on the entry form.
5. Photographs may not be re-entered if they have previously won a prize at this show.
6. Photos of a person under the age of 18 should include written permission from the subject’s parent or legal guardian.
7. Exhibits will be received on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May between 10am and 4pm at
Art Trax Gallery, Pratt St, Beaufort; or prior to this at Beaufort Community Resource Centre, Neill
Street, Beaufort. Entry Forms are due in by Friday, 17 May (see Entry form).
8. All works shall remain on display for the duration of the exhibition; i.e. until 2pm Monday 11 June, 2019.
They can be collected after 2pm and before 4pm on Monday from the Berripmo Centre or they can be
collected from the Beaufort Community Resource Centre, Neill St, on Tuesday 11 June after 12pm. Photographs will
be held at the Resource Centre for two weeks only, then they will be put into storage.
9. The Committee of the Pyrenees Art Exhibition reserves the right not to hang any work.
Acceptance or refusal will be at the discretion of the Committee.
10. The decisions of the Judge shall be final.
11. The Committee and volunteers will take every care with exhibits but do not accept responsibility for any damage or loss.
12. The Committee reserves the right to reproduce any exhibit for publicity purposes in all forms of media
for the purpose of advertising the Pyrenees Art Exhibition and Sale.
13. Prizes will be forwarded ASAP after the event and at the latest, within one calendar month of the exhibition closing.

Click [HERE] for the downloadable application form.

What is the closing date or deadline? Please RSVP by 17 May.

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