The 2016 – 2021 Live Music Strategy Plan

The City of Ballarat Live Music Strategic Plan has a scope of 5 years. It defines the goals and objectives underpinning support of local and regional live music and identifies actions to strengthen development, appropriate to Council’s role within the community. The Strategic Plan includes 4-6 actions for each of five objectives within the vision as outlined below:

As the capital of Western Victoria, Ballarat is a city and a regional centre:

  • where musicians and music enterprises are empowered to develop, innovate and collaborate to be sustainable
  • minimising regulatory burdens on musicians and music enterprises
  • embracing a rich diversity of vibrant live music, across genres, communities, ages and contexts
  • that is a regional destination for major music performances of high quality and related events which generate local excitement and cultural tourism
  • utilising live music to foster self-expression, personal development and wellbeing for people of all ages
  • Download the 2016 – 2021 Live Music Strategic Plan