Live Music Venues – is yours listed as available?

In accordance with the Live Music Strategy , ArtsAtlas has made a move to make Live Music Venues even easier to find.

As you’ll see in the right-hand side of the homepage, the tab ‘SPACES’ has now been edited to ‘VENUES’. In addition, a separate search function for LIVE MUSIC VENUES has also been added for anyone who is looking for a space to enjoy some nice, light vocals or rock on all night.

Currently-listed venues have not been edited. However, if you currently have a space, be it a town hall, hotel, pub or anywhere else that can be used as a live music venue, now’s your time to shine!

Simply send a message to the ArtsAtlas Admin to have your space added to the Live Music Venue search function.

In addition, please forward a list of calendar events for any upcoming live music performances you wish to be added to our online calendar. This information should include:

  • The band name
  • The date/time/location of the event
  • Booking costs, if any (and website to book, if required)
  • An image you’d like to have displayed on your calendar event (optional)