Laneway Lumieres – Kidz Kulture

Since becoming a parent I’ve learned the hard way that many of the arts and cultural experiences I love to explore are just not that fun when attending with a child in tow. What seems like a great idea from the comfort and routine of your living room can quickly descend into chaos out in the field.

Be it weeping melt-down or a toddler marathon around the gallery space, you can be sure I’ve had it all. That’s why I’ve learned my lesson and gotten pretty darn great at selecting the most family-friendly events to take my 3yr old to and I’m excited to share them with you!

This season’s highlight has got to be courtesy of City Of Ballarat with the Laneway Lumieres installation in Alfred Deakin Place and Police Lane. Featuring the work of 7 artists and 3 musicians (along with a bevy of light and sound engineers) this event has brought a much-needed sparkle to the Ballarat Winter Festival, and it was well worth postponing my little person’s bedtime to experience the interactive and joyous installation.

Lumiere Selfies

Starting our journey at dusk we frolicked in Hop Lane under a cascade of faux snow as we listened to the Christmas in July carols pouring from the Hop Temple. Once we had our fill and took all the photo’s (plus a sneaky mulled cider for Mum) we eventually wandered through the twinkly streets to Police Lane. There we were greeted by geometric hanging structures across the lane, glowing in the dark… the festival spirit was ignited in both me and my little one!

With plenty of space to run and twirl this element of the Ballarat Winter Festival brought out my own inner child, as well as delighting my daughter with the ingenious use of lights and materials used in the space. Ranging from curious to kitsch with a healthy dose of sparkle and glow all credit is due to the imagination and ingenuity of the artists involved. I watched a family explore a smart-phone interactive chandelier installation while my 3yr old took great delight in identifying the myriad of colourful objects adorning Huyghue House veranda.

Alfred Deakin Place Illuminated

Family Night Out

There was even an emergency wee-break thanks to the 24 hour toilets and as we reluctantly headed off to bedtime we caught the hourly dub-step synchronisation. I couldn’t help but think of how much fun my pre-child self would have in the wee hours, enjoying the same experience in a wholly different way!
This event allowed us to explore and be curious in our cities night time street scape but feel safe and enriched in doing so, a real achievement both for the event organisers and for us… And an evening’s entertainment all for free, what a win! It’s going down as one of the best days of Winter 2018 and we can’t wait to see what this talented team create next year.

Lumiere Portraits