Historic industrial heritage must be saved too says BOAA director

Courier Article by Caleb Cluff

BOAA artistic director Julie Collins says the biennale is thrilled to have come to terms with the owners of the historic George Farmer building and agreed on an extended lease.

The venue has proved one of the huge successes of the arts festival, drawing sizeable audiences to see not only the art but the massive building as well.

“It will be a flexible art space over the term of the lease, and people can approach me to have events there,” Ms Collins said.

“During that time I’m also developing a business plan to hopefully turn it into a permanent art space.”

She says the landlords have been very reasonable and hope to support the work she is doing in the space.

“It would be a shame for BOAA to finish and it return to being a storage space. We have so few historic industrial spaces left in the city and they are disappearing rapidly.

“The George Farmer building will make the most amazing contemporary art gallery,” Ms Collins says.