Max Sharam

Max Sharam, born in Australia, is a interdisciplinary artist generally based in New York City. Raised on a large sheep farm in rural Victoria, Max came of age in an atmosphere of wide open spaces that imposed no bounds on her imagination. After graduating from Arts College, Max brought her guitar to Europe, where she sang, wrote and performed her own compositions in clubs & theatres throughout. While performing in Florence, RAI News Journalist/Producer Carlo Picone invited Max to audition for, Forza Venite Gente, a popular musical in Rome, for which she landed a lead role, allowing Max to work alongside some of Italy’s greatest talents, Silvio Spaccesi, Oreste Lionello. The hit musical played to full houses then toured for two years.

In 1995 Max signed with Warner Music. Later that year Warner released her EP, Coma. A warped celebration of revenge, humor, and post-modern genre blending, Coma hit the top ten nationally and was voted the 8th most popular song of the year by Australia’s JJJ Radio Network. Her follow-up album, A Million Year Girl, elicited a strong response from the press making the Top 30 and within months A Million Year Girl goes platinum and receives 8 ARIA Award nominations.

“In a first for the ARIA Awards, four of the six most nominated artists achieved that recognition with their debut records; SILVERCHAIR & MAX SHARAM headed the list with eight nominations each. Max Sharam’s nominations come from both her debut EP Coma, and her debut album”.

Her work has aired on film and television, galleries and festivals. For fans of Max Sharam no descriptions are necessary. Plug into the universal heartbeat, trust your spirit, and walk boldly over the horizon: that is Max.

In August 2013, Max will release her long awaited independent CD and tour nationally with CYNDI LAUPER.

Her voice is utterly captivating. She conjures coloratura, she purloins punk, her voice liquefies love and emulsifies emotion... Captivating, Eccentric, Powerful, Eclectic. A 21st Century Diva


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