Linda Franklin

As a visual story-teller of the human condition, Linda has honed skills over the past 25 years in combining mark-making with traditional drawing and painting to explore spiritual metaphor and social commentary.

Currently, Linda’s artwork researches the theme of ‘finding place’ within Ballarat, via the relationship between humans and bird-life. This theme gives voice to our universal human dilemma of where we consciously/unconsciously place ourselves within/without nature.

She is the proprietor of South Street Art Studio, in Ballarat Central, based within the ambience of a heritage 1890’s former church. Beneath ornate wooden ceiling trusses Linda tutors a variety of art courses for Beginners, Intermediate and Professional Practise levels.

As an Art Therapist, Linda custom designs art programs with a therapeutic underpinning for Community Service Providers.

“When facilitating classes, I aim to share the principles of creative perception as a tool for problem solving, realisation and self-transformation”.

"The act of art making can show us how to witness life, and to allow the paradoxes unfold, so we may see the beauty and interconnectivity that lays beneath it all”.
“Creative perception is our innate human birth-right that enables us to make meaning of our most mundane and mysterious experiences“

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Postal address: 410 South St, Ballarat Central, Victoria
Phone number: 0438 826 500
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