Today, I am constantly drawing, running a life drawing group, tutoring and taking commissions.

In the past, my skills were gained in various commercial art industries such as promotions, advertising and publishing, skills include graphic design by hand or with computer using photoshop and illustrator, coupled with a total understanding of print production. I also do illustration, hand painted, murals/wallpaper, interior design, display work, sign writing and like to work with what is at hand, melding with your existing style/personality to create something authentic.

My intrigue with people, first began when I was very young, along with the study of human form, to where I am now, investigating interactions between people, the intimate aspects of relationships, ideals of beauty and representing them symbolically. These works are titled ‘EROS and ROSE’ and explore the feminine and masculine aspects relative to our patterns of attraction. I have formulated a core belief. Opposites seek balance through dynamic interplay, which is a measure of life and that the truth is always consistent.

The project, ‘Love of Portraiture’, manifested from a life long intrigue with human faces and psychology. The sitters are selected by their support and/or involvement in the Arts and have come into my studio, opened their hearts and coined one word that encompasses what Love is… from their perspective. With this insight, these paintings express much more than the image or likeness of the subject.

The qualifying factor of being an artist, I have come to believe, is beyond the ability to draw, paint and sculpt. Art helps people to see things differently or even confront their demons. This is a proven healing tactic, when we are moved out of our thinking rut, ‘the magic’ can begin.

Major in Ceramics,
Ballarat University.
Certificate IV in Small Business Management.

Exhibition in Woodshed Gallery Daylesford.
Exhibited works in Convent Gallery Daylesford.
Swiss Italian Landscape Art Show. 2nd Prize.
Daylesford Art Show. Honourable Mention.

Portraits Daylesford.
‘EROS and ROSE’.

Sell out of works in the 3 last Daylesford art shows.
Bokeh Gallery (Sold Fine Art pieces),
The Hazelwoods (Sold Fine Art pieces),
Various animal portraits.
Vassili’s Cafe Daylesford (Mural & Portraits),
Nicholas Lyon portrait,
Euro Bites (Mural),
The Greenwoods (Mural),
Jen Hawley (Portrait),
Jodie Harrison (Portrait),
Dooleys Hepburn Hotel (Mural & Portraits).

Publicity 2013:
“Too Erotic” Article on front page Advocate Daylesford.
Followed by a campaign of support.
Grand Finale, Petrus Spronk.

I am highly skilled, experienced and diverse artist. I have a forty year background in the arts. It’s both a passion and a vocation for me. My main focus right now is portraiture, capturing the essence as well as a representational likeness in a portrait and/or nude.