Kristeena Saville

I have devoted a life time to the Arts in some form or another.

Having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts later in life, I experienced the luxury of taking my art on a self explorative journey. The resulting body of work gently evolved from an already existing signature style. The subject matter is intensely personal and luckily, my existing skills supported me through the distillation process of this creative direction.

Recently I was acknowledged in the 2013 Daylesford Art Show, having an Honourable Mention and also received second prize in the local Swiss Italian Landscape prize.

Mostly, I am known for my ‘EROS and ROSE’ venture, which is a product line I have developed based on romantic notions of unity.

Also, I am working on a series of portraits of people in the Arts, that tie in the above theme, see my blogspot through either of my websites for more details.

Current Skills: Fine Art / Design, Illustrator, Promotional Design, Ceramics, Portrait and Mural Painter.

Qualifications: BACHELOR OF FINE ART. Major in Ceramics at Ballarat University. Completed 2011.

Previous Life: 1987 – 1994 Owner and Senior Designer. ART SMART Pty. Ltd. This company worked mainly in the marketing field, designing promotional material including Logos, T Shirts, Posters, Brochures, Banners and Business Cards.

Clients Included: Arid Zone Promotions, Brolga Promotions, Cadbury Schweppes, Sugar Shack Night Club, Melbourne Rock Posters, Monash University, Piping Hot, Citizens Advocacy, Jag Fashion.

Prior to 1987: Equative Publishing Company/ Art Dept. Manager, Mushroom Records/ Art Dept. Designer, Royale Press/ Art Dept. Designer.


The qualifying factor of being an artist, I believe, is beyond the ability to draw, paint and sculpt. Art helps people to see things differently or even confront their demons. This is a proven healing tactic, when we are moved out of our thinking rut, ‘the magic’ can begin.
Let the 'MAGIC' begin...
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