Akoma Henna

I am a Henna Artist based in Ballarat, available for all occasions from kids parties to hens parties and festivals. Why not make your special day that little bit more special with some bridal henna? Give your child a birthday party they and their friends will remember fondly with individualised henna tattoos? Or perhaps you want to get a real tattoo but want to test the deign and placement before taking the plunge.
In all stages of life, henna is a great way to celebrate:

  • baby shower/baby bellies;
  • children’s parties;
  • hens parties;
  • weddings;
  • quiet night in;
  • Friday night drinks;
  • kids on camp/empty nest celebrations;
  • work parties; retirement parties;
  • hospital pick-me-ups…
  • The list goes on! Relaxing and celebratory, henna is a great multipurpose art form!

    I can do traditional designs (i.e Indian, Middle Eastern and Arabic, African); copy from pictures; create something special; recreate a popular tattoo design: whatever you like! I take pride in high quality designs and application which you can be proud to wear. I only use Red/Brown Henna. Why not contact me for a chat? You’ll be surprised at how cheap it is and I promise you’ll love your safe henna experience! (prices tailored to your needs)

    Locally based artist providing high quality Henna body Art to the Central Highlands