Emily Van Der Molen

Emily is a lifelong drawer and compulsive maker with a background in arts education.

Illustrative in style, playful by nature. She is adept at putting pencil (or pen) to paper, while relishing the chance to mix it up in other mediums. Screen printing, sewing, yarn crafts and kitschy craft inform and complement her core illustrative practice.

Much of her work focuses on and is inspired by children and the nature of creative play. She is keen to get small hands making and little thinkers thinking because great minds grow within creative childhoods.

Her brand Bunty & Sars epitomises this philosophy and features an always evolving range of paper play products, art prints and other artist made loveliness. Her blog, www.buntyandsars.blogspot.com, has been a well loved complement to the brand providing entertaining parenting wisdom and child oriented tutorials, but is soon to be replaced with a shiny new website. A place which will be a one stop spot for Bunty & Sars creativity. Watch this space.

Illustration, creative play and general loveliness.