Dawn Lim

Subliminal artworks with landscapes and portraits

Dawn, a Pyrenees artist uses a variety of mediums, making her own cold wax to combine with oil paint and she also paints with acrylics or oil. She finds using mixed media interesting to work with, giving a point of difference to her final results.

Born in London 1949, Dawn emigrated to Australia. She embarked on a career as an outsider artist upon graduation with Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors as a non-traditional student.

For the past six years Dawn has been painting full time. She is the recipient of seven Regional awards. Dawn’s work can be found in the Pyrenees Shire art collection in Victoria Australia and private collections around the world

Even though I grew up drawing portraits and painting landscapes, after graduating with a Bachelor of Art and Honors in visual arts,my heart lay with abstract painting.The challenge of making compositions with colours of my choice isn't as easy as it looks but I love it more than merely copying.
I make marks and see where they lead me.
Phone number: 0400015279
Email address: dawnlimvisualarts@gmail.com


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