Dawn Lim

I have managed to secure a ‘qualification’ in fine art (B.A. in Visual Art) graduating in 1996, from the University of Ballarat, and then in 2008 followed with an Honours year.

When I began to research in 1993 I discovered certain styles (that I admired) very much. Spontaneous brush strokes, lots of colour, starting with the Cobra group, then Willem De Kooning, and many other artists have inspired me.

In the intervening years after graduating I found myself using a lot of line, which came naturally from my drawing days. The painted lines have been used in a spontaneous and gestural way over the whole surface of a colour / or sometimes blocks of colour.

In 2008 a fellow student mentioned that I was creating space in my paintings. As I looked, I saw what she meant, there were places on the canvas that had the ability where one or more colours sat back and another would sit forward on top of the surface, giving a 3d effect.

I have been working with this 3d effect in mind and am enjoying my experiments. I know that bold colours will give the allusion of space between them so at the moment I am trying more subtle colours against each other, still using the linear marks, which are integral in my paintings.


Even though I grew up drawing portraits and painting landscapes, after graduaing with a Bachelot of Art and Honors in visual arts,my heart lay with abstract painting.The freedom of making compositions with colours of my choice isn't as easy as it looks but I love it more than merely copying.
I make marks and see where they lead me.


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