D L Giles works mainly in pen, ink and charcoal. Influenced by myth and fairy tales her detailed drawings evoke memories of stories from another place and time. Familiar yet strange, her faces conjure up worlds where reality is altered ever so slightly.

“When I begin a new work I don’t have a preconceived idea of what the final image will become. I often start with a basic profile of a face or a pattern and initially it feels as though the image develops on its own yet there comes a point where I seem to reconnect with the work and then I have total control over where the image will go and what it will become. “ D L Giles 2014

Drawing, illustrating and printmaking.
I love to draw and I often lose myself in my drawings...yet this somehow reconnects me with life...
Phone number: 0409 610 341
Email address: seligdl@hotmail.com


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