Christine Tammer Music and Improvisation

She has composed music for feature length and short films.
Her work with community theatre has made use of her talent in making sound-sculptures which allow the telling of story to be heard using the voice of the person and then rendering it in front of her personalized music scores.

She has worked with such musicians as Eugene Ughetti (Speak Percussion) and Jethro Woodward (Composer Van Diemen’s Land, Hells Gate etc.), during her time as Sound designer and musician with Brunswick Women’s Theatre.

Listen: christinetammersoundcloud. Workshops for schools, corporate, community groups, elderly.... Learn to improvise with an instrument or your voice alongside others. Healing. Fun. Enlivening. Find your inner, hidden composer. It's in there. You may not have met it yet.
Music! The feeling pushes it's way inside in the most profound ways. Then there's the memory it can sometimes provoke, and you're right there.

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Postal address: Golden Point
Phone number: 0412449266
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