Cath Johnston

“My artworks comment on the contemporary human condition using techniques of repetition, scale, and an inherent respect to technical process. In my installation, sculpture, and photography I seek to delve within the fragile shell of an innocuous exterior form, and make comment on the deeply personal interior experience that is the hidden truth of our collective conscious. My recent works ooze with sardonic insight and confronting humour, exploring themes of fertility, mental health, social disconnection, and objectification.”

I have been an artist for 13 years, and a full time practicing sculptor for 3 years. I work in regional Victoria, and have previously worked in Queensland and abroad in Bermuda, London, Northampton and Somerset. My works have featured finalist in the Toyota Indoor Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Churchie Emerging Artist Award, the Noosa 3D Travelling Scholarship, the Linden Postcard competition, Toorak Sculpture Exhibition, The National Artworkers Award, and the Artistcare Student Drawing prize. I have exhibited in regional and commercial galleries around the world, and have committed exhibition schedule. My work is for sale online at, or through the galleries I exhibit.

I graduated Maleny High School in 1988 with Dux, and I have an awarded tertiary background of degrees in Psychology (UQ- 1991) and Fine Art (QCA– 2000). After finishing my Psychology degree I travelled extensively for 5 years, living and working through Asia and the Pacific before settling in London. During this time I began to become involved in regional cultural arts practices. Using sculptural hand made paper skills, I began the ‘Hard Pressed Pulp Company” and commenced my Fine Art degree in 1998. I revisited England in 2001 and worked as a graphic designer for the RNID before starting a freelance design business ‘Alternarts’. I also continued to make and exhibit sculpture, returning to Australia in 2005 to develop my artistic practice becoming a full time practicing artist late 2009.

I am passionate about the interactivity and tactility of the sculptural form. I believe sculpture gifts the viewer a personal experience and greater conceptual involvement with the artwork, its concepts, and ability to engage and generate social change. Over the last few years my work has developed toward the inclusion of community based Public Art projects. I believe Art transcends Sport and Politics in its ability to cross language and boundaries, and generate social momentum and cultural change. Through my artworks, I hope to effect change, generate debate and coax greater awareness of the ‘grey’. My sculpture and photography (of my installation work) focuses on the blurred space in between tangible reality and personal experience. I am continually excited and humbled by the community interaction, support and emotional connection with my artworks.


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