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“Storytelling…not just a clever sharing of mind alone but rather a sharing of heart and spirit.”
Ruth Sawyer ~The Way of the Storyteller

Over thirty years ago these words, inspired children’s librarian Anne E Stewart to embark on her storyteller’s journey. Her aim was to develop a love of language and literature in her young audience. With many years experience since then, Anne has expanded her repertoire and now works with any age group and audience to tell the shared stories of Australia, promote cultural understanding, raise issues of social justice and increasingly, to help others give voice to their own unique stories. Anne knows that everyone loves listening to stories and acknowledges that more than ever, people are using stories to educate, engage and build a sense of community.
With her lengthy commitment to storytelling in Australia, Anne has also gained a reputation overseas as one of Australia’s foremost storytellers. Anne was the first Australian storytellers to be invited to South America by Dream On Productions and has also represented Australia at the Scottish Storytelling Centre’s annual festival while Graham Langley, Director of the Traditional Arts Team in the UK had this to say about her , “Anne is an acclaimed storyteller with an international reputation. Her telling is a unique cultural experience.”
Along the way Anne has developed her writing skills and has contributed numerous articles and interviews about storytelling and storytellers to various publications. She has been commissioned to write stories for various cultural institutions including ` the National Museum of Australia, the Art Gallery of Ballarat, the University of Ballarat, the Dromkeen Gallery Art Collection and the Melbourne City Council. She has researched, written and produced stories for ABC radio and has appeared on several television programs including the ground breaking children’s program Lift Off .
Anne is a versatile storyteller with the energy and voice to engage any audience. She can perform stories from her own repertoire or customise a program to match the age group and interest level of the listener. She has honed her skills with many impromptu performances and is known as a passionate and engaging performer and a consummate Master of Ceremonies for any occasion.
Anne is happy to perform at concerts, festivals, as an after dinner speaker, in cultural centres, libraries, schools and other educational institutions.


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Stories include, Marlene Gilson in Wathaurung Dreaming, Deanne Gilson: Black and White Identity, Scheherazade: The Queen of the Storytellers and Local Knights of the Willow

Anne E Stewart is an acclaimed storyteller with an international reputation. A versatile performer Anne has the energy and voice to engage any audience. Her focus is on the shared stories of Australia honouring Indigenous, Celtic, Asian and World stories. Anne has told stories in some of Australia’s major cultural institutions, art galleries and libraries as well as on ABC radio and TV. She has been invited guest at Storytelling festivals throughout Australia, the UK and in Mexico and Colombia. Anne is a consummate MC with the ability to create shows tailored to audience needs.
“Storytelling…not just a clever sharing of mind alone but rather a sharing of heart and spirit.” Ruth Sawyer ~The Way of the Storyteller
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